Stone Landscape wall products give you the ability to create a variety of vertical structures. Beyond steps, pillars, seat walls and grill islands, creative features such as outdoor showers, mailboxes, waterfalls and archways are only the beginning of what can be designed.

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Unilock Planters, Pillars, Steps & Wall Features

• Unaffected by most household chemicals
• Withstands severe freeze-thaw cycles
• Resistant to de-icing salt

• Incorporate Unilock Select pavers into the face
• Build grill islands, fireplaces, water features, planters, steps, pillars and more with Unilock products


Create the vertical dimension

Adding fireplaces, fire pits, water features, garden walls, seat walls, pillars and other vertical elements can help transform your outdoor spaces into an outdoor living area. Incorporating the same accents from the horizontal surface creates a unified design.


Create rooms

As you design your outdoor space, create distinct areas. These spaces can be defined by changing the elevation with 1 or 2 steps or by adding seat walls. Seat walls also provide added seating for large-get-togethers and eliminate the need for extra furniture. Anchoring walls with pillars adds a nice touch to the design and can be used to mount beautiful and functional lanterns.


Add a wall accent

For a completely harmonious design, design your walls, pillars and grill islands to complement your paver selection. Simply incorporating the same color banding in the wall as used in the paver surface will tie the entire project design together and set your project even further apart from others.