It’s the best part of your summer lifestyle; where sun-soaked days end with relaxed evenings. Your Stone Landscape pool deck will make a splash even before you enter the pool.

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Pool Deck Features

• Safe non-slip surface
• Stronger than most natural stone alternatives
• Easy access to plumbing areas

• Pool chlorine and salts will not affect the surface
• Complementary pool coping styles and colors


Design considerations

There’s more to designing a pool deck than meets the eye. If you have the opportunity to plan your design before the pool is installed, you will want to make sure you address certain things:
• Size: If you intend to use the pool deck as a patio for entertaining or lounging, consider the size and amount of furniture you wish to incorporate.
• Elevation: properly plan steps, multilevel areas and retaining walls.
• Drainage: Drainage should always be away from the pool and your home. In areas where it is difficult to grade the pool decking, we recommend that you install drains that will transport excess rainwater to an appropriate location.


Selecting the right product

When choosing the right product for your pool deck there are things you should think about. Safe non-slip surfaces in lighter colors, non-abrasive edges for pool coping (the edge closest to the water) and inset borders to help define the pool edge are all features to consider.


Lighting and additional features

Lighting is a great way to accent the pool deck surface texture and to provide additional safety around the pool when using it after sunset. In addition, you may consider adding a water feature to the pool area for visual and auditory appeal; after all, there is nothing more relaxing than the sound of a gentle waterfall!