Spring Mulch Sale! – EXPIRED MARCH 31, 2020

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650 Weber St N. Waterloo

Save $10 per yard on mulch!


Get a start on spring projects!

We know that spring clean-up is a lot of work (and not much fun) so for a limited time we’re offering $10 off per yard on all mulches!

  • Enhanced Black
  • Enhanced Mocha Brown
  • Classic Cedar
  • Shredded Pine
  • Enhanced Red Pine
  • Decorative Hardwood
  • Hemlock

Order from home

We can process orders over the phone! Call in to our office to schedule a mulch delivery direct to your house. You can also email us with any inquiries or to get a quote!

Calculating mulch for your garden bed

For garden beds, it’s recommended to install mulch at 3″ deep to prevent weeds and keep water evaporation from the soil to a minimum. Find out how many yards you need for your garden with the calculator on our website!


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At STONE LANDSCAPES we pride ourselves on being the #1 local supplier of landscape products and thin stone veneer in the Waterloo Region.

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