Stone Place Terms and Conditions Updated May, 2020


Retail and COD clients must pay for orders in their entirety prior to picking, loading, or delivery of 
any product. All custom or special orders must be paid in full, prior to the order being placed and are not returnable.

  • All commercial customers seeking a line of credit must complete a credit application and be approved through a credit check.
  • All credit customers must keep their account in good standing, according to our terms of Net 30 days from invoice date.
  • All commercial accounts are monitored. Any account that abuses payment terms will be put on credit hold and further charging privileges may be revoked.
  • A 2% interest charge per month is applied to all outstanding invoices over 60 days from the date of invoice. This charge then becomes part of the total amount due. On any consecutive months, or part months thereof, where payment is still overdue, 2% interest is added to the total amount outstanding, which includes any previous interest charges.
All Accounts
  • There is a $50.00 charge for each cheque that is returned by the bank, for any reason


Product Availability
  • Colours and sizing may vary between shipments and seasons. Please ensure that all material needed for a project is ordered together to ensure a consistent outcome.
  • Products can be delayed, limited or discontinued due to supplier stock and seasonal availability. Packaging can also change for these reasons.
Product Warranty
  • Products not installed to the appropriate manufacturers guidelines, or used outside their intended purpose may yield unsatisfactory results. We provide literature and advice upon request but final decisions regarding installation are the responsibility solely of the customer. Stone Place is not responsible for installation.
  • Some products are backed by manufacturer warranties. Please contact us for more information, as each manufacturer’s policies differ.


  • We take telephone orders during business hours, but strongly recommend viewing product samples and/or stock on site before ordering. We are not responsible for incorrect orders due to misjudgment of colour or style. Changes made after ordering will incur applicable charges.
Custom Orders
  • If you do not see what you’re looking for in our catalogue call us, we will do our best to get it for you.

In-Store Services

Pick-Up & Loading
  • Customers picking up product in the yard are responsible for ensuring that their vehicles are equipped to handle the load of material requested. Check the pressure and load rating of your tires. Close all gaps so material (esp. rock) cannot fall out of your truck or trailer while driving. The safety of others on the road is extremely important to us.
  • Vehicles must be loadable, by our machines, from the top. We will not load closed top vans through back doors or pickup trucks with lids that open less than 90° from the bed. If your vehicle is not in a condition suitable for carrying the material requested, we will not load it. No loose bulk material such as mulch, soil or aggregate can be loaded into a personal vehicle.
  • If you are worried about your vehicle, we suggest you bring protective padding (tarp or blanket) for the side of your truck. We load at your risk; if you are concerned we offer delivery.
  • For small projects or amounts less than a yard, we carry bagged products, which are clean, easily loaded into vehicles and easily transported.

• When our staff assists in estimates, it is to the best of our ability without a site visit, using measurements provided by you. We take no responsibility for overestimating or underestimating quantity. We encourage you to double check all numbers before ordering, as the final shipment quantity is the purchaser’s responsibility.
• Official Stone Place quotes are valid for 30 days only; verbal quotes are not valid.


  • By accepting delivery, the customer acknowledges and assumes responsibility for all delivery policies and information contained within the Stone Place Terms and Conditions.
  • We take great care on deliveries, but enter your property at your own request and risk. We are not responsible for any damage to gardens, grass, driveways, sidewalks, overhanging trees or any obstacles.
  • We deliver on the customer’s property only. We will not enter or place product on public/municipal property or trespass on property that is not owned by the customer or without proper written consent.
  • We do not deliver orders to multiple locations. Costs are per delivery, per location. See below for neighbouring properties.
  • If you are looking to share a delivery with your neighbour, the properties must be adjacent. Any shared deliveries are approved at the discretion of our Management Staff.
  • Delivered product may spread beyond the intended drop area and onto adjacent driveways and properties etc. The customer accepts knowledge and responsibility for this.
  • You do not need to be present for delivery. Provide us with instructions and clearly mark the load drop area and we will do our best to meet your wishes. We are not responsible for a delivery in the wrong area if improperly marked or if the driver judges he cannot accommodate the request.
  • Stone Place does not pick up bulk material after product is delivered.
  • Any order needing re-delivery based on the customer request is subject to an additional pick-up delivery fee.
  • We cannot commit to an exact delivery time, but can indicate an AM or PM delivery. Unforeseen events could alter scheduling, but we make every effort to meet our time commitment. Stone Place is neither responsible nor liable for any damage or expense caused by late deliveries.
  • We aim to deliver in-stock items for the customer’s requested delivery date, but stock availability, truck availability and processing can affect the timeframe. To ensure that your delivery arrives for your desired date, we ask that you place your order with us at least three days in advance and be aware that end-of-the-week deliveries (esp. around holiday weekends) fill up fast.
  • We send the truck size that works best for scheduling, unless specified. Larger trucks than needed may deliver, but the fee is based on distance & minimum truck size required.
  • Check the load drop area for overhead wires, low tree limbs, etc. Consider height clearance and turnaround space required by our trucks to dump.
  • New pavement may require appropriate time to cure. If your driveway has been freshly paved, has damage, a rut or a weak spot, a delivery vehicle may create or worsen damage.
  • Skids and bulk materials have the potential to mark, scratch and – depending on the underlying base – compress the delivery drop area. Please be aware when purchasing a delivery, the customer takes full responsibility and understands the risks.
  • Steep driveways or hills (8° grade or greater) could affect our ability to complete your delivery.
  • Wet weather makes the ground very soft – please provide us with an alternate drop area. The surface must be stable and relatively level.
  • Our drivers have the final say on where a delivery can be placed.
Truck Capacities & Rates
  • Local deliveries must be within 25 km of our Waterloo Location. Deliveries over 25 km are scheduled as available. Call for a quote.
  • Our delivery fees are subject to change due to the volatility of fuel prices and are non-negotiable.
  • Split loads are determined by weight, not volume. If we can combine deliveries we will suggest it to save you delivery fees.
  • 25+ kms***: all trucks will be quoted
Delivery Fee Chart

See below for applicable delivery service fees. Any complications that may arise during a delivery or pick-up service are subject to applicable extra fees.

Service Rate (25 km or less)*
Split Load Dump Truck* (up to 4-10 yards**) $78.00/ea
Tri-Axle Dump Truck* (up to 18-25 yards**) $78.00/ea
Small Flatbed Truck* (up to 12 skids**) $138.00/ea
Tractor Trailer* (up to 24 skids**) $138.00/ea
Bulk Bag Delivery for 1+ bags (up to 24 skids**) $78.00/ea
Dump Truck Rental* (our driver only) $100.00/hr $110.00/hr
Flatbed Truck Rental* (our driver only) $165.00/hr
Forklift Product Placement* $140.00/hr
Excessive Delay/Placement Change Charge* (30 min+) $100.00/hr

*See delivery map and delivery policies for details
**Capacity varies due to material
***Must be approved by Customer Service – delivery times may vary


• It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the original invoice to receive a return, when approved. Returns made without the original invoice may be denied.
• Cheques must clear 10 days before cash refund.
• If delivered material must be returned, costs associated with the return – such as delivery or hiring a company for removal – are the full responsibility of the customer.
• All returned items must be inspected by Stone Place staff and approved before a refund can be issued. Only returns made during store hours will be allowed. No after hours drop-offs will be accepted.
• Any product picked up by our drivers (via a purchased return pick-up), must be wrapped properly, per MTO standards, on skids, before the driver arrives.
• Responsibility for return rests with the buyer. Any request for Stone Placeto pick up authorized return material is subject to a delivery charge (see the Delivery Fee Chart). Pick-ups are done at the convenience of Stone Place and dependant on truck availability.

Deposit Items

• Deposits only apply to valid skids, portable yard bags and veneer samples. Returns on these items will only be credited to the amount purchased, excluding Permacon skids, which have a return value of $20.00 as regulated by the vendor. Deposits apply to: standard skids = $20.00/each, Permacon skids = $25.00/each, portable yard bags = $10.00/each, standard veneer samples = $5.00/each, Beonstone veneer samples = $25.00/each.
• Skids and veneer samples must be returned in good condition for credit. (ie. no returns are accepted for broken skid runners, stretchers or missing boards).
• Only product and deposit items that were purchased at Stone Place are returnable to Stone Place
• The customer is responsible for returning goods. All pallets and crates that require pick-up for return are charged a delivery fee (see the Delivery Fee Chart).

Refundable Items
  • Interlocking must be returned in full layers, sections, in their original pattern, and on the original manufacturer’s skid. All original packing structure and/accessories must be present. Product that is undamaged and either unopened or in minimum packaging may be returnable. We may accept partial/opened pallets at the managers’ discretion. Our staff can tell you, at time of purchase, what is returnable and in what quantities.
Re-Stocking Fee
  • Some “non-stock” product is returnable with a 25% restocking fee. (“non-stock” refers to items not stocked by Stone Place)
Non-Refundable Items
  • Items NOT granted return or credit are custom orders, veneer stone, bulk/bagged material, natural stone, clearance or items no longer sold by Stone Place, special buys, damaged items not reported within 48 hours, items previously installed, and items purchased over 30 days from return. Any product fitting the above descriptions is deemed not returnable.

Media & Marketing

  • Although we make every effort to ensure accuracy, all prices, copies and specs are subject to error. We reserve the right to correct these errors.
  • Catalogue prices are based on manufacturer charges & are subject to change after print without notice.
  • We pass along manufacturer price decreases as they occur.
  • We endeavor to offer the most competitive prices and work hard to hold price increases by continually shopping and comparing competitors’ prices. Our prices are subject to change at any time without notice.
Photo Policy
  • Photos used in our literature, e-mail, or website are the property of Stone Place or affiliates and cannot be used without our written consent. We have legally purchased or obtained rights to these images.
  • Our intent is to inspire and aid in selection. Image colour and quality may not be accurate due to limitations in the camera, screen image or print. Environmental factors (harsh sunlight / overcast sky) impact the true colour of products. We highly recommended viewing our inventory & displays before finalizing your selection.

Please Note:

Terms and conditions are provided in our catalogue, website and in our Retail Store. Ensure you read them to know the terms and conditions prior to ordering. Avoiding or not reading the terms and conditions do not make them invalid. For FULL terms and conditions, please see our website or catalogue.